Friday, November 20, 2009

In York, many things happened

While taking photos at the Station, before entering the Conference, or perhaps at noon, I do not remember exactly any more, I have asked a few if they permit me to take them.

"Of course" they told me, all.

A young man eating, relaxed perched on a small wall. An older man, with his pipe: with or without it, he asked me. With, my father used to... it is a nice memory.

And these two women sitting together.

I did not tell them, why I asked. They did not ask me. That was not a good memory. One of the woman's face brought up in me very bad memories. "Once upon a time..." it did happen to me too.

I still have to find a way to tell it, then it will probably heart less. But they were so cheerful, happy I did ask them too, I remarked them too, found them interesting also. I did.

Life has its ups and downs, I feel now up and I am almost afraid what will bring me down again suddenly. But long long time ago I was down and it took a lot of time to go up again.

But I did. I did.

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