Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From the window

This was taken yesterday morning at eight, a wonderful sunrise from my window.

Today, I had the surprise to find everything covered with a thin lawyer of snow, but the sky is covert. I did not see snowing yet, but it will arrive soon. Happy that I do not have to go out, unless I really want to, until tonight.

Brr. The winter is here now, the "real winter", fall seems far away.

But the new year activities begun, yesterday with my grand children preparing their lessons for today, first day of school, and today, with me going to my first Toastmasters meeting of the year.

A father from USA wrote me this morning: "did you take my daughter's band photos, they also demonstrated in London's New year parade?" Is not flickr and the web wonderful?! Now, me freezing and taking photos and videos in center, the first of January has taken for me yet another color, and interest. I hope, I'll find his daughter between my images, so his father from far away can see her.

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