Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow in the courtyard

On the tree, the fir, it is beautiful, but on the ground alas, icy.

So I try to go out for the moment the minimum I need. This morning my family helped to make provisions for a few days ahead, so other then helping out with the children there is nothing very urgent to push me out of the door.

For the moment, other then my couryard, and even that is quite icy, I did not feel the impulse to go out alone.

I have thought, lately, that I feel just, if I have the disadvantage of age, at least have some of the advantages too. But each thinks differently, of course. We could have at least accept each others point of view... I belive.


  1. Yes - it's beautiful, but slippery. We went out for a walk and I had to take a stick to keep myself upright. I'm surprised it's lasted so long in London.

  2. Nicely stated.

    Sometimes, it is a luxury, to stay indoors with something warm to drink and a good book, to look out the windows at the beauty of the freeze and know that you don't have to be in it.


  3. Thanks you a lot, how right you are. I do feel, sometimes that it is a luxury to go out only when I want (or need) indeed.

    And it is wonderful to have friends coming to you, when you are alone, through the web!