Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hospital corridor

It was in March 2007, as I went to a scan in the Argenteuil Hospital's long corridor, all alone there, I was afraid.

It seems I captured it in this image.

Taking three photos there, took out some of the edges of my fear, but it still captures the dread and aloneness I felt at the time.

I do not think there will be a lonely long underground corridor this time, but I am not very assured to go, again, alone, and stay, again, alone, in the hospital.

But finally, I have to learn, again and again, then sometimes in life we are alone, left on ourselves. Others could empathise, and they do, but we have to be able, at times, to deal with what comes on our own feet.

Did I not say always that "courage is to fear but go anyway"! ?


  1. courage. It never seems to go out of style

  2. I recently spent some time alone in the hospital and I did not like it. It's a strange feeling, one I'm unaccustomed to, and I hope to avoid it in the future.

  3. Thanks you for your encouragement, it did count!