Monday, July 4, 2011

Impro Workshop level 1

Impro workshop-22The place we met for 2 daysImpro workshop Our teacher Philippa WallerImpro workshop the groupImpro workshop-07Impro workshop building
Impro workshop the placeEarly morning Carol stretImpro - before going inImpro workshop-19Impro workshop-11Impro workshop-10
Impro workshop-06Impro workshop-08Impro workshop-17Impro workshop-12Impro workshop-12sqImpro workshop-13
Impro workshop-18Impro workshop-20Impro workshop-24Impro workshop-21Impro workshop-14 Impro candidImpro workshop Our group
Impro Workshop, a set on Flickr.

Learning, understanding the basics of Improvisation, was our goal, as well as going out and meeting new people and methods.

Two very long days.

In centre London, or rather north, qt 10 and home almost at eight pm. Not always so easy for an - almost - 77 year old. But I made it quite well, thank you. And doing so, gave courage to those younger then me, who at the same time accepted me easily as one of them.

How all that will be used of applied is to be seen, thought, tried out, but already I observe differently the others attitudes on the train.

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